Our new Managing Director

Derek Corrigan

We would like to introduce you to Derek Corrigan. Derek Corrigan joined Frank Wienböker, Liam McDaniel and Tom Neville, as a member of our Board of Management in mid-november. Derek Corrigan has been with Kingspan since 2006. For the last 6 years he has been Operations Director for the Kingspan Insulated Panels division in Kingscourt and Holywell.

Prior to joining Kingspan, Derek gained over 10 years of experience in the blue chip electronics industry. Initially he began his career at IBM in California before continuing it in Germany and then in Ireland. After his time in IBM, Derek worked at Xsil Ltd, a highly innovative company that designs and develops sophisticated silicon micromachining equipment and offers solutions for companies such as Hewlett Packard, Intel and Samsung.

We are delighted that Derek Corrigan has been supporting us since November and we would like to officially welcome him once again.

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